Spark’s Book Therapy With Voice Of The Intellect In Mumbai

A Mega Launch of 4 Unique Books addressing Emotional Intelligence and Fantasy on January 20th.2019

Spark – Igniting Minds, one of India’s largest community of writers, is conducting Voice of the Intellect – a mega launch of four books on January 20th, Sunday, at Taste of Punjab, Bandra, Mumbai. Three of the books are anthologies of writings by Spark’s members on varied topics of mental wellbeing, relationships and human emotions.

The mega release is being graced by eminent personalities Dr. Alok Mishra, former chairman of Brain Reseaech foundation of India, Chaya Momaya, Dr. Ashis Sen, Chairman of the Forum of Emotional Intelligence learning India (FEIL) and Managing Director of AS Consulting & Coaching will preside the event as the guests of honour. Popular industrialist Chhaya Momaya specifically came to launch Zahraa Basta’s book “Supernatural Secret”.


Spark’s writer members have come together to compile books on topics of extreme relevance to the present world of a madding crowd. These include:

Code, Uncode Your Psy-Key – Focusing on the importance of mental well-being, Code, Uncode Your Psy-Key is a handbook that stresses on the acceptance of mental illness within the mainstream. With real-life stories and experiences, and expert advise, this anthology aims to help people identify signs of mental illness in oneself and others, and adopt simple measures to either prevent it or overcome it, with a focus on enhancing Emotional Intelligence. The book was released by changemakerDr. Alok Mishra (PhD Psychology – Mind Body Medicine DY. Sc., Fellow APS , USA) is the Chairman of Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India and North Zone Secretary of Indian Academy of Health Psychology.

Dr Alok is second Indian recipient of International Cousins Global Outreach Award by American Psychosomatic Society, USA.  He received Innovative Scientist Award 2017.  His research is focused on 4D Brain Analysis “DNA Brain Mapping and Neuro-Psycho-Bio-Behaviour Analysis”.  He served as judges member in special court for children.

His book “Child behind the Crime” is under publication.

His popular National Geographic Mega Icons series featured Dr Kiran Bedi, Virat Kohli, Dr Abdul Kalam, Actor Kamal Hasan and spiritual master Dalai Lama.

Labyrinth of Relationships – Complicated and, yet, magical, stories of relationships that have withstood the sands of time with a high order of Emotional Intelligence are woven into the anthology, Labyrinth of Relationships. Writers of Spark from across India share inspiring tales of relationships that answers the much-debated question of What lies at the crux of our life? Labyrinth of Relationships was released by Dr. Alok, chaya Momaya and Dr. Ashish Sen.

A Melange of Outpourings – was released by Dr. Ashish Sen. A Melange of Outpourings is a memoire by Spark’s writers that brings together a myriad situations which shape a personality. This anthology of human emotions brings together a multitude of circumstances that once influenced young minds and shaped their emotional intelligence and moral skills. It wields the power of words to help the reader identify situations that could have been different in one’s own life to make a more positive impact on one’s personality.

Supernatural Secret – Authored by Zahraa Basta, a 19-year-old Sparkian and budding fashion designer, Supernatural Secret is a young-adult fiction and the first of a trilogy pregnant with dark woods, werewolves, nerd hunters, alpha creatures and an escape into another world. Zahraa’s debut novel was released by Chhayav Momaya.

Event was sponsored by Polyset & Harish Kotwani of Nimco.

Event partner was Ms Chaitali Chatterjee, owner of ShreOM Communications and Solutions, who managed the entire event.

Each of the books are pickled for spice and everything nice about unputdownable reading by Spark’s core editorial team.

About Spark

Spark – Igniting Minds is a platform conceived and founded by Sahana Sundar, a captain of the National Cadet Corps and an inspirational blogger. Spark is designed with the purpose of bringing together writers to collaborate in a synergetic manner and bring about harmony in the world via the power of words. Spark’s writers wield their craft with words and share their experience with passion to inspire and motivate one another, and the world at large to travel towards a greater good with positivism as the driving force. Spark has published two books in recent times – Soul Sojourn, an anthology of spiritual anecdotes and experiences which was released by spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar at the Art of Living headquarters in Bangalore, and Delete, Log off, Shutdown Corruption, a passionate voice against corruption by Sparkians, which was released by eminent IPS officer and current Hon’ble Governor of Puducherry, Dr. Kiran Bedi, and by eminent political leader Priya Dutt.


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