Sanjay Dina Patil Is A People’s Person Said By His People From The Mumbai North East Constituency

Mumbai North East constituency has one of the most diverse of population. The Mulund and Ghatkopar areas have Gujarati and Marathi population whereas the Shivajinagar and Mankhurd area have Muslim and Dalit voters. But to our surprsise the most favourite candidate was undoubtedly for all of them the same, Sanjay Dina Patil. There were two common words in all their talks of their favourite candidate, which said ‘People’s Person’.

In one of the conversations, an old lady shared, “I have two sons and I consider Sajay Dina Patil as my third son. Any problem in my family or in any family of my neighborhood, we all know that he is there for us and will fight for our problems like a family member.” We managed to get an insight of the agenda of Mr. Patil for the North East Constitueny, it states Development of Salt pan to build a medical and health facility, an educational complex with various courses and universities under one roof, development of infrastructure and transport facilities like A/C trains. Solving issues created due to the dumping grounds, modernization of local hospitals to serve the most poor with the latest treatments.

With an experience of being an MLA and MP from the Mumbai North east constituency in the past, it looks like Mr. Sanjay Dina Patil sure does know the constituency and the problems of his people very well.

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