Ashakiran Konsam Popular Queen Of Universe 2020 held by Iawa India

Mrs Ashakiran konsam Born and brought up at Imphal in Manipur state . She believes life is not a one way traffic and she learned that by helping each other is a key aspect of her life .It took a lot of effort,time,sacrifice and dedication during her challenging times .She didn’t give up …she followed her dreams against various odes times.She wants to define herself as a resilient person.

Ashkiran konsam belong to Manipur (the land of jewels)surrounded by beautiful 9 hillls where one can see a beautiful relationship of brotherhood of hill and valley.

It gives her immense satisfaction that she belong to a place where women has been given a first priority and symbolise a women empowerment where we can see a market run only by women which they profoundly called”ema keithal “with keen interest in health and lifestyle she turned fitness trainer and later into pageantry.this journey paved a platform to portray herself as sociel figure.Herfamily was her strongest support in her life .It is beacause of her husband support she is able to came so far.

As a sociel activist and a freelance fitness trainer/groomer . popular queen of universe 2020 held by. Iawa India ceo Daljeet Kaur. She believe on the ideals “live in the moment “she don’t dwell on the past neither she regrets in her life because she believes everything happens fora reason.She was thankful to IAWA Mrs India for providing a best platform.Her life has changed significantly after unleasing the secret of both mind and body health.


She believes she still have so much to learn to bring more of her individual knowledge, experience and awareness in this role.To change women’s place in the society by giving them more power and better recognition.Her focus is to spread love and respect for healthier relationship and a better future to bring peace and make the world a better place.

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