25 Websites and 25 Youtube Channels Here Comes Team Bollywood Adda

Every big success starts with a vision, planning, sleepless nights and lots of other challenges. Entertainment industry is progressing with leaps and bounds, specially when it comes to India which is the largest market of film production.

To keep you updated of all the film industries besides Bollywood industry and in the mean while serve as Public Relations Officer for the genuine content, three visionaries Dalvinder Dhiman, Sonia Malhotra Soi and Dinesh Sudarshan Soi have launched a PR firm ‘Team Bollywood Adda’

Sonia Malhotra Soi who has worked over 12 years in IT field and is mainly a Website developer has launched 25 Websites and 25 Youtube channels comprising of entertainment news of Hindi, Punjabi, South, Gujarati and other film industries. The input from Sonia Malhotra would be to make the news on the top at Google ranking with expertise in SEO, making her website news on trending.


Dalvinder Dhiman, the other partner who also started his career 12 years back and today has a genuine subscriber base of more than 3 lakhs subscribers on his Youtube channel ‘Bollywood Adda’ said that our strength is our own 25 Websites and 25 Youtube channels and collaboration with 400 plus renowned websites, top Youtube channels, hoardings and all the elite print as well as digital media.

Dinesh Sudarshan Soi who holds title in India Book of Records as well as Asia Book of Records for maximum Castings is the Co owner of ‘Team Bollywood Adda’. He will be taking care of the creative part. He said that this collaboration will certainly help new talent as well as Celebrities. We will be covering the news for the both.

So here comes a Public relation start up with a big vision and we wish these 3 young entrepreneurs all the very best.

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